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About Us

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PRF is a family owned business that values ideas and the concept of personal progression. Everyone has ideas, but few act on them. PRF is a relatively simple idea that was conceived several years ago and has been put in motion, evolving to what it is now. John's philosophy is simple, "Why not?"

The whole family is involved. John Conod, the conceiver of the idea is a craftsman who leads an average working class life. His role in the operation is the manufacturing, product development, and the production of the shelving systems.

His wife Mary, whom he met when he was 17 years old, is the brains behind the establishment of the business. She is his partner in life, raising two sons, managing family affairs and keeping her husband centered and balanced. Her gift is building relationships and she has used this gift by bringing in the right people needed to put this business together and make it a functional operation.

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Mary and John's two sons are involved as well. Matt, the youngest, is the model who is demonstrating the versatility of the PRF system in the box truck. Matt is an all-around good kid, a good student and an athlete; he is his high school's football quarterback, leading baseball pitcher, hitter, and catcher. Jon Luke is more behind the scenes, and who is also an all-around good young man just entering college. He is an athlete as well, but specializes in baseball. He helps with product development, assisting in moving, setting up and various testing of the system. When John is at work, his sons take on the tasks of moving, and transporting the system when needed.

The PRF family is rock solid who takes pride in themselves including, work ethic, taking risks, family unity, and mutual respect, and respect for all.

PRF is a Family-Owned Business That Values Ideas and the Concept of Personal Progression!