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PRFect Shelving & Customization

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The first PRF system is an 8' long, 22" deep aluminum two shelf device that folds up flat against the wall and is portable. Its weight is about 50 lbs. and is completely manageable with one person. It became the prototype and the model for demonstration and improved product development.

Its basic construction is four legs, hinged together to two aluminum pans. It is cross braced in the rear for stabilization, and has four hook type brackets that connect it to the walls equipped with horizontal bracing. The system includes four wall mounts that the adjustable mounting hooks on the system mate with, connecting the system to walls without horizontal braces. There is a patent pending on the system.

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The PRF Shelving pan design can be custom designed or manufactured according to the application. For instance, the PRF units can be custom built for height and width of the space available, or multiple units per truck. The length of each custom unit will determine the necessary number of leg supports required for proper stability.

PRFect Motion
When the system is folded and locked into place, the unit is conveniently stored flat against the vehicle/unit wall. Sliding brackets attach the system to horizontally-fixed braces that secure the system in place.

Remove the pins to allow legs to properly open, store pins back in the same holes, the unit is now fully assembled and ready for use!

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Standard sizes will be:

4' x 22"
6' x 22"
8' x 22"
10' x 22"
12' x 22"

If application requires more shelving pans and/or different depths, this would be considered a special order.

Customize PRF Shelving! Use It Wherever You Need Flexible Storage Solutions!